Ryan Pasca


I grew up on the east coast, spending my childhood in Durham, North Carolina. As a kid, passionate about science, math, and writing, I always felt that I would one day become a doctor. I went on to study chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill. At UNC, I got the opportunity to lend a hand in the Emergency Room, as well as shadow orthopedic surgery. By my 3rd and 4th years, I was working for the UNC Pharmacy School's cancer research lab, contributing to a project aimed at preventing cancer cells from growing and spreading. My research, along with the work of the graduate students on my team, is published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Reluctant to attend medical school and commit to another 8+ years of studying, I spent the summer after undergrad doing contract work in southern Louisiana. I was a glorified construction worker, leading projects on some of the New Orleans' tallest highway bridges. The stint in New Orleans opened my mind to the world outside of North Carolina, and I began considering all the places I might take myself from there.

A few months later I moved to Austin, Texas, where I joined one of the largest hardware and software companies in the world, Oracle. I have worked with clients helping optimize their utilization of enterprise software applications that manage core business processes, including ERP and HCM. I was quickly promoted and migrated to work at headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently work at Oracle as an Account Executive covering cloud applications focused on HR.

Lately, my educational interests have included fields at the interface of business and technology. I constantly pursue expertise and improvement to my business and technical competence, whether through college courses, online learning, books, or coaching from mentors and friends.

Outside of work, I enjoy exercise and athletics. I grew up competing on a travel soccer team and went on to join the varsity soccer and wrestling teams in high school. Since moving to northern California, I spend many weekends in the water, familiarizing myself with the challenges of swimming and surfing in the Pacific Ocean. Beyond that, I am a proud Tarheel and enjoy following UNC basketball. It is always great to meet new people. If you're interested in connecting, shoot me an email/text: ryan1pasca@gmail.com | 919-806-7992