Ryan Pasca

Ryan grew up on the east coast and has spent most of his life in Durham, North Carolina. He went to college at UNC Chapel Hill and graduated with a bachelors in chemistry. In college, organic chemistry was one of his best subjects. Ryan got to study and assist with one of UNC Pharmacy School's cancer research labs and contributed to a project aimed at preventing cancer cells from growing and spreading.

After unsuccessful attempts at getting into medical school, (and because he needed a job) Ryan spent the summer after college doing contract work in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was great to put his chemistry degree to good use and be in Louisiana, but the stint in NOLA eventually lead Ryan to begin thinking about a career in the software industry.

A couple months later Ryan moved to Austin, Texas where he now works full time for the second largest software company in the world. Since joining Oracle, Ryan has consulted b2b customers and helped optimize their utilization of enterprise software applications that manage core business processes, including ERP and HCM.

Ryan's educational interests include fields at the interface of health, nutrition, technology, and preventative medicine to promote longevity and overall quality of life. He is also currently working to improve his skills in public speaking, sales, writing, and computer programming.

Outside of work, exercise and athletics have been a large part of Ryan's life. He grew up competing on a travel soccer team and went on to join the varsity soccer and wrestling teams in high school. Recently, he started running the hill country in Texas and is currently training for his first marathon. Beyond that, he is a proud Tarheel and enjoys following UNC basketball. Ryan loves meeting new people. Shoot a text/email to: ryan1pasca@gmail.com | 919-806-7992