Rad Coaching with Ryan

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Coaching Services: 1 on 1 or small group coaching where we will tailor a unique program for your needs

Please email ryanjpasca@gmail.com if you'd like assistance with any of the below topics.

Rates are reasonable and flexible based on your needs. If you've never worked with me before, I offer 2 hours of coaching free-of-charge as a trial period for you. From there, rates are negotiable and reasonable based on your needs.

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Career Planning and Readiness

(for high school students, college students, recent grads, or those looking to make a career change)

  • Get a job in tech sales: we won't quit until you get a job offer
  • How to get a job: a comprehensive overview of the job search process
  • Personal branding online: from personal websites to social media
  • Personal branding offline
  • Optimizing your resume
  • Cover letter writing and review
  • Creating and maintaining a professional LinkedIn profile
  • How to beat online job applications ("applicant tracking system" software)
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to set up interviews
  • How to interview well
  • Mock interviews & dry runs
  • Interview practice Q&A
  • Techniques when approaching recruiters
  • Techniques when approaching hiring managers
  • How to be persistent & the art of following up
  • Tech Sales Industry Consulting

  • How to hit your number and max out your commission earnings
  • Managing installs: upselling & expanding existing clients
  • Hunting the greeenfield: finding and closing complex net-new deal cycles
  • Techniques for selling SaaS to the enterprise
  • Account & territory planning
  • How to prospect
  • Becoming a cold-calling monster
  • Crafting compelling email messages
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to prospect
  • Creative prospecting techniques
  • How to generate leads
  • How to build pipeline
  • How to close deals
  • 1 on 1 or small group tutoring

  • math
  • chemistry
  • speed reading
  • sales techniques
  • intro to HTML and CSS